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Wedge Wire-Cross Rod and Profile Wire Specifications

Wedge Wire-Profile Dimensions, Cross Rod Diameters and Pitch

Flat wedge wire panel’s large opening porosity in the small slot, they have the widespread application with the superior performance.


Wire Rod Tops Types:

Wire Cross Rod Top Type: Flat Top The most commonly used profile giving good screening efficiency over the whole  range in most applications. It is excellent for the de-watering of slurries and is extensively used in coal washeries.
Wire Cross Rod Top Types: Conical top

Designed particularly for fine mesh screens for de-watering of slurries.

Wire Cross Rod Top Types: Square Top

 Suitable for larger aperture screens used with highly abrasive materials.

Wire Cross Rod Top Types: Riffle Top Combines most of the de-watering qualities of both flat and conical top profiles and is also widely used as an attractive non-slip finish for drainage grids and walkways.

Wedge Wire Screen-General Data on Apertures and Sections:


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