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Wedge Wire Element

Wedge wire, with the materials: galvanized steel, low carbon steel, stainless steel, welded wire, with the types: flat screen, sieve bend screen, V-wire screen, is used in mining, water, oil, sand, food and chemical.

Recently our company produce one type latest wedge wire products. Apart from the wedge wire screen, the wedge wire element is quite useful and important in the using. Here is the wedge wire element items for reference:

Type: Wedge wire Element
Diameter: 600mm
Length: 2000mm
Filtration grade: 100 microns (as option please quote 150 microns)
Material: AISI 316L  (as option please quote Monel)
Fluid Handled Sea water
Flow rate: 1,576 m3/h
Design viscosity: 1138 CP
Design density: 10001 kg/m3
Operating Pressure: 2,62 barg
Operating Temperature: 15-35 °C
Design Internal Pressure: 7 barg
Design Temperature: 62,8 °C

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