About Us

It is a professional factory to product all kinds of wedge wires, such as Wedge wire Screen, Welded Wedge Wire Screen, Flat Wedge Screen Panel, Sieve Bends Screen, Water Well Screen, etc.

Shengkai produce all kinds of wedge wire products.

Wedge wire is known as profile wire screen, V- wire screen, and wedge wire screen. And it is created by wrapping a profile wire cylindrical around longitudinal placed support rods. All wires and rods are resistance welded at each point of contact. The numerous combinations of profile wires and support rods, and the wide range of apertures between the wires and rods allows us to design a screen according your technical or cosmetic specification. It is custom made for the application.

wedge wire screens in various shapes.jpg

Materials: Galvanized steel, stainless steel (AISI 304,316), varnished low carbon steel.

Applications: The features of this type of screen make it an attractive solution for separating solids from liquids, retaining media, filtering, sizing, dewatering, collecting and distributing.

We manufacture all kind shapes of wedge wires: Welded Wedge Wire Screen, Flat Wedge Screen Panel, Water Well Screen, Wire screen, Vibrating Sieve Screen, V- wire Screen, Sieve Bend Screen, Screen Support Grids, Wedge Wire for Mine. Its products sell well in over 30 countries and regions of Europe, America, Asia and Africa. We have excellent equipments, perfect crafts line, scientific inspection skill. Every product is strictly inspected according to its international standard.

Each intersection of the wedge wire and support rod is welded. Various wedge wire & support rod combinations are available to produce the best design for your application.