It is a professional factory to product all kinds of wedge wires, such as Wedge wire Screen, Welded Wedge Wire Screen, Flat Wedge Screen Panel, Sieve Bends Screen, Water Well Screen, etc.

Flat Wedge Screen Panel

Welded wedge wire screen panels can be constructed using rectangular support rods or round support rods. They are the most widely used type of wedge wire screens mainly in the mineral processing both for stationery as well as vibratory decks.

Flat screen panel can be designed to optimize the open area, strength and wear life for each application. The panels are either continuously or intermittently welded on the lower side of loop to provide complete rigidity to the panels thus becoming very effective in transmitting the vibrations without mechanical failures.

1. Flat Screen with round support rods.
2. Flat Screen with rectangular support rods.
3. Screen Panel with side frame.
4. Heavy duty wedge wire.

Round Support Rod Construction Rectangular Support Rod Construction
63V on ¼” diameter at 1 ¼” centers 63V on .074” × ½” at 1” centers
69V on 5/16” diameter at 2” centers 69V on .074” × ¾” at 1 ½” centers
93V on 5/16” diameter at 2” centers 93V on .074” × 1” at 2” centers
125V on 3/8” diameter at 3” centers 125V on .105”× 1” at 2” centers

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