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Pipes Well Slot Screen

Pipe well slot screen is used for water well.

Material: Stainless steel, carbon steel.


  1. The slotted liner is a robust and cost-effective solution for long completions or low productivity wells.
  2. We offer straight and keystone slot type in the wide range of slotting patterns to create the required open area.

Selection off Screen Diameters:

The designed yield of a tube well is 150m²/h (1.5 Cusecs) and a screen having 20% open area is proposed to be used in a length of 20m to tap an aquifer of 25m thick. Diameter, of the screen is to be worked out.

As Q = A × V
Where Q = discharge in m²/s, A = effective open area of the screen

V = entrance velocity in m/s (to be limited to 0.03m/s)
Therefore, A = 150/3600 × 1/0.03 = 1.39m²

Taking effective area as 50% of that provided, in order to taking into account the reduction of the effective area of the screen opening with time due to incrustation rearrangement of the aquifers particles around the screen and coverage by gravel.

Pipes Well Slot Screen
Pipes Well Slot Screen

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