Cylinder Wire Screen ProductsJul 21, 2014

Cylinder wire screen, with all kinds of sizes and materials, is widely used as water well screen, oil well screen, mining screen in the fields of liquid or gas separation and filtration. The special sizes can be supplied as customer's needs.

Wedge Wire ElementJul 21, 2014

Wedge wire element, Wedge wire, with the materials: galvanized steel, low carbon steel, stainless steel, welded wire, with the types: flat screen, sieve bend screen, V-wire screen, is used in mining, water, oil, sand, food and chemical, etc.

Profile Wire Sand Control ScreenJul 21, 2014

Profile wire screen for sand control is created by wrapping a profile wire cylindrical around longitudinal placed support rods. All wires and rods are resistance welded at each point of contact.

Precise Punched Slot ScreenJul 21, 2014

Precise Punched Slot Screen mainly consists of perforated base pipe, stainless steel filtration jacket with punched slot and backup ring. The base pipe is of API casing or API tubing with many drilled holes.

Wedge Wire Screens for liquid / solid separationJul 21, 2014

Wedge Wire cylinders are used as rotary screens, collectors such as screen laterals and nozzles, resin traps, in-line strainers, water intake screens, well screens, as well as many other applications involving liquid / solids separation.

DSM Screens for SugarJul 21, 2014

DSM screens are also known as sieve bends, after Dutch State Mines, who introduced the sieve bend as a static sizing screen having ten times greater capacity than conventional vibrating screens.

SRF Wedge Wire Filter CartridgesJul 21, 2014

SRF Wedge wire filter cartridges are distinguishable for their toughness as well as chemical and thermal durability. SRF Wedge wire filter cartridges are very robust and multi-functional sieve elements.

Profile Wire ScreenJul 21, 2014

Profile wire screen is also known as wedge wire screen, made of SS 304 by wrapping a profile wire cylindrical around longitudinal placed support rods.

Sieve Bend InfoJul 21, 2014

Sieve Bend Screen is made from non-blinding stainless steel wedge wire, with screen apertures oriented perpendicular to the direction of flow. Sieve bend is used in abattoirs, dairies, sugar mills and wineries.

Wedge Wire Screen SheetJul 21, 2014

Wedge wire screen sheet is made of stainless steel wire 316 with excellent hardness to be widely used in solid / liquid and solid / gas separation, sizing, dewatering, Water Wells, monitoring & soil sanitation.

Wedge Screen for Gold Mill PlantJul 21, 2014

Wedge screen for gold mill plant, gold screening plant is made of profile wire and wire support rod to use in separation and filtration.

DSM ScreensJul 21, 2014

DSM Screens are also known as sieve bend screen, made of wedge bars forming a bowed surface with horizontal slots between the bars. They are widely used in paper processing, sugar mill, waste water cleaning up, mineral and mining processing.

Drill Pipe ScreenJul 21, 2014

Drill pipe screen is made of stainless steel grade wire. With various types, they are usually used in oil and gas, water well, mining separation processing.

What is the Wedge Wire?Jul 21, 2014

What is the wedge wire? wedge wire is made of profile wire and rod support after welding, it is widely used in filtration and separation of mining, water, oil and gas/liquid.

What is the Wedge Wire Application?Jul 21, 2014

Wedge wire screen applications are gas/liquid filtration and separation, cleaning up water, remove the waste pollutants, mining processing and other fields.

What are the Wedge Wire Screen Features?Jul 21, 2014

Wedge wire screen with the features and advantages of easy clearing, lateral strength, percentage open area, energy saving and wearing life.

Sieve Bend Screen Working ProcessJul 21, 2014

Sieve bend screen is also known as wire screen, made of carbon steel wire and profile wire. Here is the sieve bend screen working process and sieve bend screen production processing.

Wedge Wire-Cross Rod and Profile Wire SpecificationsJul 21, 2014

Wedge Wire-Profile Wire, Opening Capacity, Cross Rod Diameters and Pitc. Cross rod top types have flat top, conical top, square top and riffle top. And General Data on Apertures and Sections.

Profile WiresJul 21, 2014

Profile Wire with shapes and materials is the raw material of Wedge Wire Screens, Welded Wedge Wires, Sieve Bend Screens and wire screen.

Wedge Wire Basket ScreensJul 21, 2014

Wedge Wire Basket is one type wedge wire screen, Wedge Basket Filter is made of Stainless Steel Wedge Wire and support rods.

Wedge Wire Screen Open AreaJul 21, 2014

Welded Wedge Wire Screen Opening Area calculate and the data is given to learn more about wedge wire screen detailed information. And with the opening percent, we can use wedge screening in typical products filtration and separations.

How to Order Wedge Wire Screen?Jul 21, 2014

When order wedge wire screens, please keep some items in mind. Here are Welded Wedge Wire Panel, Sieve Bend Screen, Cylinder Wedge Wire ordering, such as materials, profile wire types, applications, packages and so on.

Wedge Wire Screen FAQJul 21, 2014

Here are the wedge wire screens common questions, such as wedge wire screen slot size, strength, sieve bend screen suitable materials, water well screen applications and so on.

Filter Screen for Water ProcessJul 21, 2014

Wedge Wire screen for water filter process is made of stainless steel wire. Filter screen info is shown here.

Flat Wedge Wire Screen ApplicationJul 21, 2014

Flat wedge wire screen panel is one wedge wire product which widely used in filtration and separation of solid/ liquid, liquid/ gas and water. Welded wedge wire and cylinder screen are supplied.

Cylinder SieveJul 21, 2014

Cylinder sieve as one type wedge wire screen is known as the equipment for filtration or separation in chemical or industry fields. But it is also used in architecture for decoration application.

Mn-Steel Wedge Wire ScreenJul 21, 2014

Wedge wire has various materials, the manganese steel wedge wire is one type. The Mn-steel Wedge Wire material, wire diameter and features and application are all here.

Mining for Crimped Wire ScreenJul 21, 2014

There are a kinds of crimped wire screens, which is used in screening for coal and iron. It is importuned to choose screen basket when using.

Profile Wire FormsJul 21, 2014

Profile wire screens have many forms. Profile wires are in application of slot tubes, flat welded screens, flat screens, support screens, cylinders or conical baskets, continuous cylinders and so on.

Satellite well screen and central well screenJul 21, 2014

Wedge wire screen as water well screen, oil well screen, satellite well screen is widely used in oil industry and aviation fields. Here are the satellite well screen and central well screen specifications.

Profile wire screen detailsJul 21, 2014

Profile wire screen is made of stainless steel 304 type wire, low carbon steel wire. Here is the profile wire screen slot detailed specification.

General specifications of Wedge Wire ScreenJul 21, 2014

Wedge wire screen application and Specifications.

SS304 V - Wire ScreenJul 21, 2014

V - wire screen is usually used in car parks, shopping centers or malls and driveways. Our factory can provide different specifications according to customer's requirements.

Wedge Wire Screen For WaterJul 21, 2014

Wedge wire screen as one filtration screen in mining, water, sand, dust filtration or separation. Wedge wire screen types have steel wedge screen, galvanized wedge screen, flat or round types.

DSM Screen PackageJul 21, 2014

DSM screen package description, wedge wire screen, sieve bind screen, static screen filter, DSM screen manufacture.

Sieve Bend Screen SpecificationsJul 21, 2014

Wedge wire screen, sieve bend screen, DSM screen, wedge sieve bend, Johnson screen, sieve bend screen manufacture.

V Wedge Wire ScreenJul 21, 2014

Wedge wire screen, Material: SS 304, V wire:2.26×3.53mm, Support rod: 3×5mm, Opening: 1mm, Sheet size: 1025×1025mm. Surrounding and reinforcing structure: Outer box in SS 304 8mm breadth X 30mm long, inner cross support 6mm thick X25mm breadth

Wedge Filter WireJul 21, 2014

Wedge wire screen, wedge filter wire screen, stainless steel wedge wire screen, aluminum wedge wire filter screen.

Stainless Steel Carbon Steel PipeJul 21, 2014

Carbon steel pipe, stainless steel carbon steel pipe, carbon steel tube, aluminum pipe, low carbon steel pipe, high carbon steel pipe.

Wedge Wire ScreenJul 21, 2014

Wedge wire screen, wedge wire screen panel, welded wedge wire screen, wire screen for mine, water well wire screen.

Wedge Wire PanelJul 21, 2014

Wedge wire panel is kind of types wedge wire mesh. Here mainly show the panel wire length, rod length and other.

Wedge Wire Frequently Asked QuestionsJul 21, 2014

Wedge wire is common using in water, oil, mining fields. The wedge wire screen info, specification and materials are here. Welded wedge screen, cylinder screen, flat screen panel, low carbon screen for mining, water and oil.

Wedge Wire Screen ApplicationJul 21, 2014

Wedge wire screen, water well screen, oil well screen, mining well screen, welded wedge wire screen and flat screen panel are used for separation and filtration in chemical and water industry fields.