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What is the Wedge Wire?

Wedge Wire is made from round wire which is first looped at regularly pitched intervals and then pressed into a deep wedge shaped section (Figs.1 and 2). The loops themselves are pressed so as to produce at each side accurately sized spacing shoulders which butt together when the wires are assembled. The width of the slot apertures in the finished panel is determined by the difference between the width of the top face of the wedge profile and the width over the spacing shoulders (Fig. 2).

The individual Wedge Wires are built into panels by feeding cross rods of suitable diameter through the loops of the wires. The whole is then clamped together and made secure - usually by riveting over the cross rod ends. (Fig. 3). The finished sieve is therefore, a grille made up of cross rods supporting profiled wires with loops.

In addition to flat wedge wire panels, Wedge Wire can be readily made up into full cylinders and segments of cylinders. In most cases the cross rods lie along the circumference and the profile wires lie parallel to the axis. Sometimes this arrangement is reversed. The screening face may lie on the inside or on the outside of the cylinder depending on the particular application. Curved Wedge Wire Sieve Bends are used to a considerable extent in chemical plants, ore and coal mines, abattoirs, vegetable processing plants, cane and beet sugar refineries, paper pulp factories, and almost any process industry where dewatering of slurries and separation of solids from liquids is required.

For enhanced de-watering and separation, we have developed our deep-arch configuration (Fig. 4).

Please ask for details of this special and effective version of wedge wire. Special surfaces are available - (Figs. 5 and 6).

The Profile or shape of the pressed cross section decides most of the properties of the Wedge Wire Screen.


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