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Woven Wedge Wire Screen

Wedge wire screen is made with certain size of woven wire cloth as screen fabrics, then framed with stainless steel or coated carbon steel plates. Woven wedge wire screen is made with the embedded way of weaving, with the features of flat surface, high hardness, good ductility and toughness.

This type woven wire screen is normally used in mines, coal mines with the advantages of hight strength, wear resistance, forming fast and long life. It completely overcomes all the shortcomings compared to other wedge wire screens. Woven wedge screening is used for primary screening of metal, coal and other operations.

Vibrating wedge screen for mining with the benefit of flat type vibration screen, high temperature, toughness, shock resistance and high efficiency. And mainly for large scale stone processing, coal mine and metallurgy. Here are the common types.

Typical aperture/weave combinations include square, long slot, double chute and triple chute, harp and piano wire screens. Types of weave available include:

Woven Wedge Wire Screen
Woven Wedge Wire Screen

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