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SRF Wedge Wire Filter Cartridges

SRF Wedge wire filter cartridges are distinguishable for their toughness as well as chemical and thermal durability. SRF Wedge wire filter cartridges are very robust and multi-functional sieve elements. During the manufacture of the SRF Wedge wire filter cartridge, a v-structured profile-wire is wound in a spiral manner around a longitudinal profile and inductively welded together at the cross-points. This process guarantees high pressure stability. In this regard wedge wire filter cartridges are easy to reverse-flush. Typical applications are to be found in the food industry, and especially where other filter materials can not be applied due to thermal or chemical limitations.

SRF Wedge Wire Filter Cartridges

Technical data

Recommended flow rate capacity/10“ cartridge


Features and Benefits:

Data in reference to 10” –element with 500cm² filter area
35µm 50µm 75µm 100µm 125µm 150µm 200µm
1.8% 2.5% 3.7% 4.8% 5.9% 7.0% 9.1%
250µm 275µm 300µm 350µm 500µm 50µm 1000µm
11.2% 12.1% 13.1% 14.9% 20.0% 27.3% 33.4%

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