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Drill Pipe Screen

Dill pipe screen is the screen that is used in the Oil & Gas drilling industry. There are two types of screens: High flow retrievable (rod type) and Low flow non - retrievable (12" cone shape). The high-flow rod type retrievable screens are capable of handling up to 800 GPM or more in 4 1/2" and 5" sizes. The 3 1/2" and 4" can handle up to 300 GPM. They also have the added ability to be fished out using a standard slickline unit with an overshot if you are stuck with the kelly connection below the rotary table.

Our low-flow model in sizes 4" and 4 1/2" is capable of handling up to 325 or more GPM and is not retrievable thru the kelly nor drill pipe.

Drill pipe screen features:

Drill pipe screen specifications:

Catalog # Drill Pipe Size
KS-16-CS-Burgundy 27/8 AM PAC & 27/8 XH
KS-18-CS-Gold 27/8 IF, 31/2 SH, 27/8 AM OH
KS-19-CS-Silver 31/2 XH, 31/2 FH
KS-20-CS-White 31/2 IF, 31/2 XH
KS-21-CS-Brown 4 FH
KS-23-CS-Orange 4 IF
KS-24-CS-Green 41/2 FH
KS-26-CS-Black 51/2 FH, 61/2 FGm 65/8 R
KS-28-CS-Gray 41/2 XH 16.60-20#
KS-29-CS-Red 41/2 XH 16.60#
KS-31-CS-Blue 41/2 IF, 5 XH
KS-21-A-Yellow 41/2 IF, 5 XH 25.6 0
20" Long Strainers 14 Guage
KS-27-2014 41/2 XH NC 46, 22.82#
KS-31-2014 41/2 IF, 5 XH, 25.60#

Drill pipe protectors & rubber wipers:

Stainless Steel Screen for Drill Pipe 5” .

Stainless Steel Screen for Drill Pipe 5-1/2” .


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